Saturday, November 29, 2008

'Tis The Season

I'm not really sure what I want to say about my opinions of the Holidays. I don't really care for Christmas. I'm not christian, therefore I do not celebrate the religious aspect of it. And as I've gotten older I really don't see the sense in attempting to buy gifts for everyone you know at one time and for one single day. Somehow the specialness of receiving a gift that you already know is coming to you seems to be diminished somehow. A lot of people even already know what they are receiving, having made a shopping list (cleverly deemed a "Christmas list") which states exactly what they want. I see nothing special in that. There's no surprise.
I find buying or making a gift for someone and giving it to them at a totally random, unexpected time holds so much more meaning. They had no idea it was coming, and the look of total shock on their face is so priceless. It holds so much more meaning to me. That person was singled out among everyone and thought of in a personal way. It's very special.
Mind you, everything I've mentioned so far is my opinion alone. I see nothing wrong with gift giving at the holidays, I just don't understand the whole concept of it all. But what I'm about to speak of, I hope all of you share my opinion...and if you don't then I highly suggest you seek some sort of council, because you are one fucked up individual.
What I speak of is a man making an honest living working retail. A man who had the unfortunate luck to be scheduled to work on Black Friday. A man who was TRAMPLED TO DEATH buy a bunch of so called human beings trying to save a few measly bucks. What is wrong with this picture? I thought the holidays were supposed to be about kindness and the spirit of giving. Not acting like a bunch of jackals on a feeding frenzy. NO toy or dvd is worth killing a man. Those people who literally ran this man over to go shopping have his blood on their hands. And no one has owned up to this horrible act. They get to go home and have their little holiday parties and open their presents while this man's family is left heartbroken.
There was a full on brawl at our Walmart yesterday over a piece of merchandise. I don't get it. Is it REALLY that necessary to assault another person over a gift? What the hell? The holidays have become so ugly and materialistic and warped and it's just getting worse every year. I used to work retail, and you learn way too much about human nature around the holidays. I watched an 80 year old woman snatch a toy out of a kid's hands and run off with it because it was the last one. It's amazing how nasty people can be at a time where kindness is supposed to shine through. It makes me sick. These people who find an inanimate object more important than a human life are seriously fucked up and need some serious help. And to them I give the royal finger.
To all of you who see how wrong this all is and really do give your heart out at the holidays, I wish you a lovely holiday season.


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