Wednesday, March 25, 2009

One sick kittie kid

I've been on a rather lengthy hiatus. Lack of motivation was a partial factor. A sick kittie kid was another. It's been a rough month emotionally for myself and Pat. Squeaker, my beloved kittie son of 9 years has fallen ill. He's lost half his body weight and the vet believes that he's in full renal failure. I spent all last week bawling my eyes out. The thought of losing one of my babies is just breaking my heart. Squeak spent 3 miserable days at the vet hooking up to an IV. After the vet said there was nothing they could really do I decided to bring him home to be more comfortable. She said he had stopped eating so it probably wouldn't be long before I had to bring him back to be put down.

So what does the little stinker do when I get him home...walks right out of his carrier and starts eating the food I put down for him. He's going to the bathroom fairly normally now and drinking good and I caught him 2 days ago tossing his toy mouse around like he was a kitten.

All in all he sure isn't acting like a kittie on his way out. The vet is a wee bit stumped. We've decided to just keep an eye on him and keep him on antibiotics and see what happens. I'm trying not to get my hopes up just in case he does a 180 but it's hard not to when he looks like he did before he got sick...minus several pounds.


Other than that drama nothing is new. Still plugging away at my Etsy shop. I've made a few more sales which is very encouraging. I have a bunch of new stuff to put up in the's just a matter of finding the time to do so. I'm on six days this week at work so there's not much free time at the moment. I'll probably just get a couple things up at a time throughout the week.

on that note...guess I better get started...