Friday, March 29, 2013

Time for a Change

For years now I have suffered from chronic pain. Every type of headache imaginable, back pain, aching joints, burning in my muscles and along my spine, TMJ, muscle spasms, get the idea...

I've tried a plethora of medications to combat the pain, to no avail. Finally my doctor just gave me a script for pain killers. They work, but I know they are bad and I still had no answers. A few years ago I finally went to a rheumatologist who diagnosed me with fibromyalgia and bursitis. Stupidly I agreed to cortisone shots in my hips for the bursitis. That pain was alleviated for about 6 months, but when the cortisone wore off I was in more agony than I was to begin with. So I never went back. Flash forward a few years. I'm still on pain meds and still in pain and fighting to function on a daily basis.

I decided to pursue a more natural, less western, method of treatment. I've recently starting seeing an acupuncturist again. It worked well for me in the past but the person I was seeing left town. Now I have to commute about 40 minutes away, but I feel it's worth it. I've only had one visit so far but I really enjoyed it so I will keep posting updates on that.

I've also become interested (some would say obsessed *cough) with making my own natural products at home. There just seems to be toxic chemicals in EVERYTHING these days. Even some of the so called "natural" products you get in health stores have less desirable ingredients. I feel all of these toxins and chemicals play a huge role in many chronic conditions, so my goal is to rid my life of as much of it as possible. I've discovered so many wonderful blogs and websites that provide information, tutorials, recipes, etc  on making natural alternative products at home. I'm starting off slow. This is going to be a learning process and will take time. As I go I will post updates on stuff I'm using or have made/tried.

I have my fingers and toes and eyes crossed that by doing this I will find some relief...and even if I don't making the switch to natural will benefit myself and my family anyway.

To be continued.....

Saturday, September 29, 2012

If only...

If only I had money to see a fraction of these exhibits....le sigh...

The Secret Museum

Such an amazing collection of photographs by  photographer and blogger Joanna Ebenstein

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Enough already...

I haven't posting anything in ages...mostly due to the lack of time that I have these days...however, in light of the recent Chick-Fil-A drama I just have a few things to say...

I support same sex marriage...why you may ask? Because as another fellow human being I have NO right to tell a person who they can and cannot choose for a life partner...because about half of heterosexual married couples fail so are same sex couples really going to ruin the sanctity of marriage? Because 2 loving same sex parents are better than one dysfunctional, straight, alcoholic stepfather which is what I suffered from for years. Because this world can be so ugly as it is, why the hell would we want to deny any amount of love that exists? Because what anyone does in their bedroom is no concern of mine. Because I personally know many same sex couples and I love them dearly and they deserve all the happiness that anyone else does. Because it's never physically or mentally harmed me in any way, shape or form. Because their marriage is not going to send someone else to Hell (if Hell is what you fear). Because there are hundreds of thousands of children that need to be adopted and people are still procreating like rabbits, so I don't believe the survival of the species can be a legitimate argument for anti-gay marriage advocates. And mostly because there are so many other important, serious issues (such as war and famine and the fact that humans are destroying this planet...) going on in the world that I really don't see why anyone is wasting an ounce of energy by worrying about same sex marriage.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

For the boys

Seriously..fellas..If I could just make one small request...please..PLEASE pull up your do not look hot nor sexy..nor do you look simply look like you're too poor to buy pants that fit...and the ridiculous walk that's required to keep your pants aloft simply looks like you've shit yourself and you're too poor to buy clean pants that please...don't succumb to can fight it...There's help out there with such tools as a belt...or..or suspenders...or PANTS THAT FUCKING FIT!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Well, the soap nuts turned out to be pretty damn swell. The clothes came out nice and soft and just clean smelling. I shall be placing a larger order soon!

On a side note...classes started up again this I'll attempt to maintain regular posts..but it'll depend on how bogged down I get in the next few weeks. I'm taking one more class that last semester..a normal 15 credit load..but I get easily overwhelmed and anxiety ridden. So for me it's ludicrous.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Talk Dirty to Me

*image courtesy of  Green Manolo

I happened to come across a little blurb today on soap nuts in a magazine. As I've said before, I'm a little slow on the uptake. For those of you who are still in the dark as I was, soap nuts are dried berries from several trees and shrubs in the genus Sapindus. The berries contain saponins which act as a natural detergent. I'm always looking for greener alternatives to chemically laden products. I've ordered a sample pack here. Once I try them I'll let you all know what I think.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

SO...I recently discovered fabric sheets for my inkjet printer. I'm sure they've been around for eons but I'm a little slow on the uptake. I bought a pack of 100% silk habotai sheets to try them out and I'm beyond happy with the results!! So happy I made a couple of pillows for my boring couch.

The imagery is nothing new. I've seen several projects on Etsy depicting them, but I just love them so much I don't care. 

*on a side note..I may actually get to derby practice today...holy sweet bejeezus!!!