Monday, June 30, 2008


Okay..I haven't really written for a few days...but that's because there's nothing to really write about. I've been stuck at work so much that there's no time for even a little weekend adventure in my life. Like today...this should be my day off...but I'll be going to work AGAIN because they we seem to ALWAYS be short staffed. Buhhhh

I've noticed I'm becoming quite the bitter individual too. The conclusion to why this is happening is simple...people suck. I don't know what goes on in someone's head when they go out out eat but evidently abusing their server is priority in their mind. I don't know when it became socially acceptable to take out all daily frustrations on someone bringing you a burger...but it must have..because it happens to to me and all the girls I work with...A LOT.

And if they're not mean then they're simply stupid. I do you really forget what you've ordered in the 15 minutes it's taken to cook it. But this happens so often that a research team should be assembled immediately to explore this phenomenon. It never ceases to amaze me...

EXAMPLE: there's 3 people at the table...2 have ordered a waffle...I stand there holding the waffle (because I've got so much crammed in my head at this point that I'm not going to remember who's ordered what) and call out "Waffle with strawberries"

.......(insert crickets chirping if you wish)

(slightly more irritated now) "Waffle with strawberries..." The tards glance around in a state of utter confusion and then look at me with complete bafflement for a good 10 seconds until something clicks into place in one of their pea brains and I can see the light go DING....

"oh dude, that's mine"

No shit dumbass....and don't call me dude...

And then there's the fucks that MUST just take enjoyment in watching you run around like a jackrabbit on crack...because why else would they order their water and then a sandwich, and then a side of mayo, and some mustard, oh...and can i have a Pepsi...oh and some extra napkins...oh...this doesn't come with fries???? can i have some??? (bimbo now batting eyelashes as if that's going to make me forgive her fucking annoying bimbo voice) Coincidently enough, these are the one's that ALWAYS leave you a dollar (mostly in pennies)

And never mind the Gimmie Gimmies. (all of you who know me would laugh at my polite voice i'm using right's about an octave above my normal one) "Hi are you today?"
"um yeah...gimmie a grilled cheese with fries" never even making eye contact with me. I'm sure in that gimmie there was a hello in there somewhere. pfft...

And the all around miserable cunts...I mean..if you're reallllly that miserable...STAY THE FUCK HOME...don't bring it out in public and subject everyone to it. Same goes for the miserable BITCHY cunts. If you're going to be that bitchy to me then you sure as hell better be good looking because all you fat ugly miserable cunts that look at me in disdain can really kiss my ass. Just because you're fat and ugly isn't my fault. I'm just bringing you a plate of disgusting fried food that, incidentally i've probably spit in...BON APPETITE you hag.

There's the white trash families with their nine white trash kids that come and annihilate my booth with flung fried food and broken crayons and the perpetual smell of cow can really keep that dollar you left me and put it towards a maid..because I certainly am not one.

And I will never understand the ones that come to a sit down restaurant and bitch about the speed of the food preparation...If you're in that much of a hurry then go to fucking Mc Donalds...there's on on every corner.

There are the few sweet regulars that come in and truly make the day bearable. Unfortunately most of then are rather elderly and several have already passed away this year, which makes me sad. They...and the wad of cash I walk out with every day keep me going. Otherwise I think I'd go stick my head in the fryer and end it all.


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I think he was my dad....

So...the death of George Carlin has gotten me really bummed. I usually don't get sad over celebrity deaths, but this one I did. He was just such an amazing, witty, and genuinely intelligent man. Once you got past the crudeness (which I loved) what He had to say was so true.

I really do think I was adopted and George was really my dad.

And on a completely random tangent, I've recently made an observation and upon making this observation I've come to a definite conclusion....

Tube Tops should be BANNED from the planet. They are the most unflattering, ugly piece of attire, trumped only by mommy jeans. STOP WEARING THEM! FOR THE LOVE OF your tits a favor and swap to a halter.

that is all....