Tuesday, November 11, 2008

So behind....crap...

I hate it when almost a month goes by without me posting anything. I feel so overwhelmed by the time I finally sit down to write. I feel there is so much to cover...I mean..what a month so far. Between juggling my time with my job and craft projects to the most amazing presidential election in perhaps history...

I've got a few projects lined up and will hopefully have them done within the next week or so. One completed I'll have pics up and get them into the shop. And speaking of the shop...I had my first official sale today!!!! I know it's such a small feat. Especially when I see some amazing individuals who have thousands of sales on Etsy. But I feel really really accomplished nonetheless. This chronic back pain I suffer from, along with the depression makes even little tasks seem very daunting and difficult to complete. So to have actually gotten the ball rolling on my Etsy shop and now starting to make some sales...I feel so good about it.

Pat and I just spent a lovely 2 days in Mystic CT. What a quaint, darling little town. We did some shopping and ate some awesome seafood and took pictures of lots of boats and the water. The aquarium was so much fun too. I got to hold a star fish and pet the sting rays. Anything to do with animals and I'm the happiest kid in the world. Pat and I have been together for 2 years next month and this was our first get away together...so it was special for us. Just time to ourselves with no interruptions.

All and all...it's been a good few weeks. And I'm going to make a hardest effort to post a few times a week here at least. I swear my fingers are not crossed.

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