Friday, December 12, 2008

Bettie Page dies at 85

The death of a celebrity never really affects me all that much. I never knew them personally, so it's just sort of a weird surreal feeling more than anything. But the death of Bettie Page deeply saddens me. She was such a revolutionary cultural icon. I feel like a HUGE piece of our recent history has just been lost. I don't know if Bettie ever really understood her immense impact on so many lives and the sexual revolution of her time. I do though, and I'm really going to miss knowing that she was still around, living her secluded life.

She passed away Thursday, December 11 2008.

Miss Page...we will all miss you.

If you want a really really good biography of her, read "The Real Bettie Page:The Truth About the Queen of the Pinups" by Richard Foster. It's a beautiful, raw look at Bettie's life.

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