Friday, May 16, 2008

Home Sweet Home

So the apartment is finally in order. I unpacked my last box 2 days ago. We made our first dinner in the new place last Monday. I whipped up a spicy southwest chicken soup, corn muffins and cinnamon rolls.

I found these little shakers at an antique shop up the road...they were pretty faded and beat up so i added a fresh coat of paint....

and tada!!!! all shiny and new...and so cute!

This is just a shot of my little work's nice to actually have room now to stretch out and not have to climb all over things in a closet to find what i'm looking for. Pat is going to get me a cloth bust for my birthday I think...which will help out with the sewing sucks trying to pin things on myself :P

We found this AWESOME table at a shop up the was pretty beat up. Pat put in a few hours getting it back on its feet again...but it was so worth it. The chairs need to be reupholstered eventually, but they're fine for now. I love sitting at it and looking at the apple trees in bloom out back on the hill.

the curtains needed some tie backs which i whipped up with strips of ribbon and some sticky Velcro squares...probably the easiest thing in the world to make.

This place didn't come with any blinds in it so we needed window coverings pronto. I was going to get some fabric and make some but I managed to find a wonderful pair at Target for my retro style kitchen. They have these adorable little apples all over them.

Pat's mom gave us a pair for the bedroom. The living room recieved a pair of wooden blinds to go with our Japanese theme and the work room just got a simple pair of blinds for now....I'll make some curtains for it when i get some more free time. Things are a big nutty at work right now.

Oh to eat lunch then the post office to mail a dear friend in Denmark her package...


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