Saturday, January 14, 2012


     I was recently pondering disassembling this sadly neglected blog and starting anew. I seem to have lost focus in my direction as to where I wanted this thing to go. I'm not sure I ever even knew to begin with. I discovered I was writing and posting what I thought people would want to read, rather than what I truly felt like writing in the first place. Thus, I quickly lost interest and each post became a chore. 

     I've decided to keep this blog, but truly make it my own. I don't think there will be a said direction. It'll be helter skelter just as I am. I'm going to write what I wish and if some follow my ramblings at least I'll know they're reading what's true to me. Not some farce I've whipped up to please the crowd. If no one reads this..well..that's okay too. 

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