Sunday, February 21, 2010

I've gone AWOL least that's what it seems...I've been in a creative slump lately..and work is sucking away what little soul i have left...just read any entries in Diary of a Dikini Serving Wench and you'll get the idea.

Hopefully there will be some shop updates this week...provided I get a day off...those are rare these days.

On a lighter note...I will be attending a roller derby recruitment night on Thursday for our local leagues and I'm hoping I'll be accepted onto one of them. Fingers crossed...I've wanted to do this for years now...ever since I saw the Texas Roller Girls down in Austin.

And our new little kitten Buggar has lightened the sadness around here immensely after Calvin's death. Lynus is so much happier with a playmate.

Here's the goobers now...

*sigh* my boys...

oh well...once I complete the baby outfit I'm knitting for my best friend, who is due in May, I'll start some new decoupage projects and get them up in Miss Ruby Cube's and there's some vintage sitting here waiting to be posted to AngryButterfly

so bare with me...

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